Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Our internet has been pretty close to flawless. I'm not sure we've always gotten the speeds which we're paying for, but it's always worked, and well. We're constantly streaming HD movies, videos, sports, YouTube and more, and typically multiple devices at the same time. (Plus we've never lost power or had an electrical surge.) - May 2017

Fiber is more and more available in Doha. My internet has been just as fast here as it was in the States, for about $100/month. Totally suitable for streaming video, etc. The ubiquitous local company, Ooredoo, was quick to set it up and we haven't had any issues during our two years, except for VPN/DNS woes, but that's not Ooredoo's fault. - May 2017

yes. It varies with location. - May 2015

Yes, expensive and speed varies. They're working on installing fiber-optic everywhere, but the buildings that don't have it yet still have pretty slow speeds. If you have fiber optic you have the potential to have high speeds, but the speed is throttled by the cable company so that they can charge you insane rates to get it faster. - Feb 2015

Yes. Q-tel is in the process of upgrading us to fiber optic internet which will be awesome. - Apr 2012

They say internet is fast, but if snails are fast, so is the internet here. - Mar 2012

Internet is fast. I don't remember what it costs, but it can't be too bad or I would remember. - Mar 2012

Internet is fine but not the fastest. We are supposedly upgrading to fiber optic cables next month. Qtel is the communications monopoly here. We pay about $60/month for a 4 mb line, but it is much, much slower than that currently. - Jan 2012

Yes. Its not super fast but not super slow either. I think it was about $40.00/month. - Oct 2010

Available and reliable. - Dec 2009

Yes, comes bundled in a cable TV/internet package. Not a bad deal, reliable. - Sep 2008

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