Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?


The first six months me would say "absolutely not. No way, no how. It's miserable here."
Six to eighteen months me would say "I don't like it here. But I can handle it, I suppose."
The eighteen to twenty-four months me is now saying "Meh, it's ok. I neither like it nor hate it."

I would say that if you're single or married without kids, look elsewhere. If you've got a family, you'll probably do just fine in Doha.

To take my own advice, and seeing as I'm married without kids, I think in retrospect we should've looked elsewhere. - May 2017

If I had never lived here before, yes. It's comfortable and pleasant enough. Having already lived here, no. There's not enough to occupy your free time for one month, let alone several years. - May 2017

nope - May 2015

Nooooooo. Mostly because of health reasons. I've pretty much been constantly sick for 2 years. But also because life here is just so difficult for so many little reasons that all add up to one constant headache and a lot of stress. - Feb 2015

Yes! This is a wonderful place for a family. Living is easy (although sometimes dull) but you can make your own fun. - Apr 2012

I will leave this place like a bat out of hell when I get my chance. - Mar 2012

Definitely if I had some older kids and could send them to the American School (though I would send them home during the summers).I've enjoyed my work a lot, but socially it hasn't been the most exciting tour. - Mar 2012

Yes, yes, yes! My girls love it here. We know a number of families who extend when they can. It's summer time and the living is easy! - Jan 2012

Yes. Definitely. Although you do tend to get bored at times and I would prefer to go somewhere else for grad school. - Jun 2011

No, Doha is a pile. I am greatful for the friends that I made, but it had nothing to do with Doha. However, its not a hardship country. If it's your one shot at living overseas, take it. But if you have somewhere else to go, consider your options. The Qatari's are un-friendly and are always watching. The way they treat the people who are basically building and running their country is despicable. - Oct 2010

Our children are enjoying their time here. This is an easy post, however desert fatigue sets in early, and the lack of cultural opportunities is disappointing, so I'm not sure. - Dec 2009

I suppose. I've been worse places. It is comfortable, and I have everything I need. But the arrogance of the Qataris is unbearable, and the way they treat those who they feel are below them is abhorent. - Sep 2008

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