What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

For the ladies, I highly recommend you stock up on tampons. Because they don't sell them here. Vanilla extract isn't available, as it contains something like .04% alcohol. Neither are red wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar and the like. Everything else that we can't get locally, we just order from Amazon. - May 2017

Nothing. You can get everything here, except alcohol-based products (like vanilla extract). - May 2017

larger car, yeast. - May 2015

Cereal (it's super expensive here), real coffee (they mostly do that instant stuff here), vacuum cleaner (it's supposedly provided in the furniture pool, but it's really not, and local ones are pathetic and ridiculously expensive), rugs (also not provided in the furniture pool, and floors are all tile; though you can also buy nice rugs locally), slippers (the tile floor thing...), lots of extra clothes (hard to find inexpensive clothes here, mostly they just have designer stores; and your clothes will all wear out super quick because of the hard water and the heat). - Feb 2015

More cool-weather clothes! - Apr 2012

Salsa sauce and baked beans! - Mar 2012

Pet supplies. Wall hangings and other things to decorate the house. Air purifiers. We loaded up on cleaning/household supplies at Costco and it saved us money - even though you can find everything here. - Mar 2012

Stock up on kid toys for the gazillion birthday parties your children will go to. Toys are expensive here. You can find everything you need here... you just might pay more for your home country creature comforts. One item I searched frantically for was pine-scented candles during Christmas. Don't pack candles if you are moving here over the summer months. They will liquify! My mother came to the rescue and mailed me some Yankee Candles from Maryland. They took a week to get here via APO. - Jan 2012

You can really get just about everything in Doha if you are willing to pay for it. Or you can at least find a substitute for it. The only item you can't get is vanilla extract. - Oct 2010

More children's clothes and toys. Just bought a Barbie at Toys R Us and paid $75(!)Everything is here but very expensive. - Dec 2009

As I said, you can get everything you want here, including booze at the government run store. So ... I don't know. Bring your ice skates, there is a very nice rink in the mall and sporting equipment is expensive if you can find it. - Sep 2008

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