How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

The Embassy has an APO, and it's great. Packages from Amazon take no more than seven days or so to arrive. I've never used the local Qatari postal services, so I can't comment. - May 2017

Super fast and reliable APO at post. Amazon packages show up in about a week. Very happy with the mail facilities here. - May 2017

APO. There's not really local mail here. At least not reliable mail. Partly because there are no real addresses. Pretty much everything is hand-delivered/couriered. - Feb 2015

We use the APO.The local mail system is a mystery to me. - Apr 2012

The postal system is a mystery. Everybody has a post box number. - Mar 2012

APO. - Mar 2012

We use the APO system. The Qatari mail system is a mystery to me. People do not have mailboxes at their homes. We currently do not use the local mail system at all. - Jan 2012

Courrier. Postal service isn't reliable. - Jun 2011

Through the embassy. There is a pouch and an APO. - Oct 2010

APO or DPO. - Dec 2009

I have APO. - Sep 2008

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