Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

Yes. The Aspire Zone has loads of classes for kids and adults alike. - May 2017

ASD has school sports. I'm not sure if there are external expat sports leagues... for Qataris (boys) there are various sports clubs that have youth divisions. There are very nice facilities here, just not many people willing to play. - Feb 2015

Yes! Many!!! - Apr 2012

Many, especially during summer when kids would be inside. - Mar 2012

Not sure, but given that sports is a big priority here (they recently declared a National Sports day holiday), I'm sure there's got to be stuff. - Mar 2012

Tons! All year round you can find soccer, swimming, martial arts, dance, tennis, horseback riding, sailing.... - Jan 2012

Yes. Aspire is state of the art. - Jun 2011

For little kids, Aspire has a great program that is very cheep. But prepare to wait in line at the end of the summer and hope for a spot. There is also a My Gym there that is incredibly over priced. There is a "play ball" program that is expensive but doable. There is also t-ball for kids 4 and above. There is ballet for girls 4 and above, but the waiting list is about a year and a half long, and I don't know anyone that has ever actually gotten in. But it's a great opportunity for your kids to learn how to swim, and swim well. - Oct 2010

Tons! You name it, it's here. - Dec 2009

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