What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

All of the compounds and apartment towers have gyms. Quality can vary greatly. All of the hotels have impressive and extremely expensive gyms as well. Monthly memberships are available. Classes are an additional (and also expensive) cost. - May 2017

Housing compounds all have gyms that are adequate and free to use for residents. Hotels have nicer gyms, but those are costly. There's also a CrossFit gym and several yoga studios here, but those are costly. - May 2017

gyms readily available if you live in a good housing compound - but the air is not filtered so combine that with a high pollution index ..... - May 2015

All the compounds have gyms, but many are very poor quality. - Feb 2015

Yes! I have a compound gym across from my house. It is easy to stay fit here. - Apr 2012

Plenty, there are many good local gyms. - Mar 2012

Most of the compounds have small gyms. Mine is more than sufficient - Mar 2012

Yes! Most every compound has a gym that is free to use. There are also many fitness centers you can pay for. - Jan 2012

Yes. Plenty. - Jun 2011

Almost all compounds have a gym. - Oct 2010

Wonderful facilities on every compound. No need to join any fitness club. - Dec 2009

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