What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

I hate to say it, but all of the following "things to do" can be completed in one long weekend. You're then stuck with another 720+ days to figure out what else to do with your time:

Museum of Islamic Art, Souq Waqif, East-West West-East, Cinema City, Al Zubarah Fort, dune bashing, camel rides, catch a camel race, dhow cruise, Katara, walk around the Pearl, kayaking the mangroves, Inland Sea, desert camping/glamping, stroll the Corniche, Sheikh Faisal museum (be sure to ask to see the Saddam Hussein room), Festival City, Mall of Qatar and the 45+ other malls in Doha. - May 2017

There are a few things worth doing once: Zubarah Fort, Zikreet, East-West West-East (Richard Serra desert art installment), Sealine beach, dune bashing, desert camping, camel racing at Shahaniyah, the mangroves, Sheikh Faisal Museum, and Banana Island. Once you do all of those things, it's back to Netflix, malls, and hotel brunches. Or head over to Dubai for the weekend. That's always a fun time, too. - May 2017

none - May 2015

Desert tours, camel farms (careful of MERS!), Film City, the Serra sculptures in the desert, forts, Souq Waqif, Museum of Islamic Art, Mathaf, Katara, walking along the Corniche, Sheikh Faisal museum, dhow rides, inland sea, singing sand dunes, camel racing, Aqua Park, Al Shaqab horses. - Feb 2015

Please note that this is not Paris!There are a handful of tourist places to visit and, otherwise, you make your own fun by the pool, on the tennis court, on your patio, etc. We like the souq, walking the Corniche, the Museum of Islamic Art, Katara Cultural Village, and the malls. Dubai is an hour flight and it's a hoot! - Apr 2012

The Villagio was touted as a modern mall. However, it was too kitschy inside with cheap artificial skies and clouds. And also a tacky venetian canal with a tacky motor-powered gondola. I found the place so disorientating that I soon started gasping for breath, and ran away. - Mar 2012

Souq Waqif, the Islamic Art Museum (and a couple newer museums), Katara cultural village, and the boardwalk of the pearl (artificial island) are all amusing. Plenty of good eating out options, especially for middle eastern food. There is an area about an hour's drive south with a beach resort and sand dunes where you can ride ATV's. You could fill about a week with activities before you started running out of things to do. Many expats spend their free time at malls or in hotels (which are the only places where alcohol is served). - Mar 2012

Doha is teeming with sports opportunities, you just have to look for them. There are loads of expat clubs for every interest and hobby out there. As for local culture, it's rather thin. However, we really enjoying visiting Souq Wakif (the big open-air market), walking the Corniche (the water of the Gulf is a lovely turquoise!) and the Museum of Islamic Art is a sophisticated taste of Doha's future. Luxury hotels abound and, while they are spendy, they are the only place with alcohol licenses -- so it is common for expats to frequent the restaurants and bars within them. - Jan 2012

Not so many. There are plenty of world class cinemas (including an IMAX). There is also the Doha Tribbecca Film Festival, Sheesha/Hookah at the Souk and a state of the art islamic and arab musem. - Jun 2011

Leaving the country. But there are the sand dunes, and people like them, as well as desert camping, the malls, the pools, and the sub-sub-par beaches. - Oct 2010

Sand dunes, beach, malls and then repeat. - Dec 2009

The list is short and you'll get through it very quickly.you can hire a four wheel drive vehicle to take you out across the sand, there is some camping to be had, you can drive around the whole country in a day and be back home in time for dinner. The hotels have some bands and nice restaurants. The waterfront is nice. The problem is that for about 3-4 months out of the year your only refuge is the mall, or any other air conditioned building. The temp may only be 107F, but the humidity pushes the heat index up to 140F most days. It is crushing. - Sep 2008

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