Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

None, other than the bout of fruit flies my apartment building dealt with last summer. - May 2017

none - May 2015

Not really any. Some very tiny cockroaches. There are scorpions in the desert, but I've never seen any. - Feb 2015

Minor... small ants and spiders as it heats up. Flies may pester you at a picnic but it's not bad. - Apr 2012

None, there are tiny german cockroaches. - Mar 2012

A few cockroaches, but not much. Few lifeforms can survive the climate. - Mar 2012

Very few. Some tiny ants during the summer months. Small, pesky flies at times when you're picnicking outside. - Jan 2012

None that I know of. - Jun 2011

None. - Oct 2010

Tiny ants are everywhere -- after all, it is the desert, and the ants take full advantage of the sand. Black flies are also a problem, but there are no disease-carrying or too-scary critters to mention. - Dec 2009

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