What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Seven months of the year are brutal, repressive heat like you've never experienced. Most of this is dry heat, though August and September are shockingly humid, making it difficult to be outside for more than 90 seconds or so.

Come October-November, everything changes and the weather is just spectacular. It's like someone made a best-of San Diego mixtape and hit the play button in Doha. Splendid, dry gorgeous days and evenings that last through the end of March. - May 2017

The most beautiful weather you've ever experienced from November-March... and then the heat comes. It's bearable April-May and October-November, but June-August is hot as Hades and humid as all get out. You'll be inside all summer. - May 2017

hot with occasional sand storms and then there's a two-week period of surprisingly cold in December - May 2015

Unbearably hot for 9 months of the year, idyllic for 3 months, and oddly chilly for about 2 weeks. Summer temperatures are usually around 115-120F, and extremely humid on top of that. In the winter it is in the 70s F, except for about 2 weeks each year when it dips into the low 60s or high 50s. It's sunny 362 days of the year or thereabouts, and usually rains 3 or 4 days in the winter (at which point all the streets flood because there's no drainage). - Feb 2015

Great weather eight months of the year. Colder in the winter months than we expected: low-50s at night, low 60s during the day in Dec/Jan. In early April, it's now warming up to a summery low to mid 90s. Expect HOT weather May through September... well into triple digits. You get used to it. In the summer, we swim every night after the sun goes down at 6 pm. - Apr 2012

This year has been weird, we are the end of March, and summer's not here yet. June-September sees temperatures over 100 on all days, with temps touching 120 on some days in July and August. - Mar 2012

Virtually no rain, yet plenty of humidity because of the Gulf. November through March is beautiful. October and April-May are pretty warm. June through September is unbelievably hot. In July and August the temperature can get up to highs of 120 and lows in the mid 90s. It feels like you're on the surface of another planet. Everything is air-conditioned - Mar 2012

Refer to Phoenix, Arizona to answer this one. It hardly ever rains, and November through February are spectacular. Expect acceptable heat conditions in October and March but nearly intolerable heat April through September. Still, the sun is down by 6 pm in the summer months so we can swim every evening in the neighborhood pool across from our villa. - Jan 2012

It is extremely hot for most of the year and you hardly have to wear a jacket in the winter. - Jun 2011

HOT, HOT and HOTTER. - Oct 2010

Doha is extraordinarily hot from April through November. The heat and humidity are crushing and prohibit any outdoor activities. Have a dog? Forget daily walks, as paws are literally burned! December through March the weather maintains at around 70 degrees with a couple of rainstorms. Beware, there are no drainage systems, so the roads flood. - Dec 2009

Hot and humid summer from May to October. Mild winter. Little rain. - Sep 2008

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