Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

Most of the handicrafts that you'll see for sale here were made in Turkey, UAE, Oman, Saudi, etc. So yes you can buy some regional items, most all of them aren't from Qatar.

The three things that have been the biggest hit with friends and family back home around the holidays have been the high-quality Saudi dates, Iranian saffron, and oudh. - May 2017

Nothing here that you couldn't find elsewhere in the countries where they're actually produced. For instance, at Souq Waqif, there's a guy that makes beautiful punched brass lamps. (He's from Egypt and this is a common handicraft there.) - May 2017

air tickets away - May 2015

There's not much actually made here. You can get gold at good prices, though. - Feb 2015

Shisha pipes, prayer beads, camel bone boxes, lanterns, and carpets. - Apr 2012

None, all local items at the souq are rip offs. - Mar 2012

Not very much is made here. I have a pakistani tailor I like that makes affordable suits. - Mar 2012

Olives, cheese, sheisha pipes, incense burners, spices...Note that there are a million shopping malls here with US and UK shops galore. - Jan 2012

Nothing. - Oct 2010

Save your money for your next post! Everything is imported from China, India or the U.S. - Dec 2009

A ticket out. They sell the usual junk in the souque. I don't think that they manufacture anything here, so why would you buy it? - Sep 2008

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