Can you save money?

not a chance - May 2015

No way. Even if you don't do anything, just food alone will break the bank. - Feb 2015

Not really, maybe. - Apr 2012

Yes, if you live like the hapless Asians, and not go to the overpriced, tacky malls. - Mar 2012

Not the best place to save money. If you travel that will eat out of your budget. Surprisingly, flights to anywhere but the Arabian peninsula and South Asia are quite expensive from Doha. - Mar 2012

Perhaps, if you don't go out for cocktails all the time and if you learn to adapt to local/regional groceries. We find this place really affordable overall, but we have splurged on travel. Airfare from Doha is pricey! - Jan 2012

It's hard, but if you don't leave the country every other month and stay away from hotels and imported food you can. - Oct 2010

No. It's cheaper to live in WADC, even with the added bonus of free housing in Doha. We're astonished at the cost of living. - Dec 2009

Not if you let yourself get wild in the supermarket, but in general yes. There isn't that much to spend it on. You'll drop all your money getting on a plane to explore the region. - Sep 2008

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