But don't forget your:

Apple TV, One World Alliance membership number, your tank-like SUV and pants with elastic waists. - May 2017

Love of burgers. - May 2017

sense of humor - May 2015

Sunglasses, sunscreen, power adapters (British outlets here, but for some reason all the appliances the Embassy gives you have European plugs), top-of-the-line phone. - Feb 2015

Sunglasses, sports equipment, jackets, and open mind. - Apr 2012

Patience. - Mar 2012

Zen-like patience. Driving can be very frustrating here and you will need patience when someone in a land cruiser pulls up inches behind your bumper and flashes his brights at you to move out of the way, because you're only going the speed limit. Flipping the bird is a crime. You'll also want to bring plenty of DVDs, video games, books, and other forms of self-entertainment. - Mar 2012

sweaters and jackets for the "winter" months, as it will dip into the upper-50s at night. Bring your grill, your swimsuits, your sunglasses, your defensive driver skills, and your openness to not-terribly-exotic expat suburban existence. - Jan 2012

Sunscreen. - Oct 2010

Good manners and your positive attitude. - Dec 2009

Patience. - Sep 2008

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