If you move here, you can leave behind your:

Pork, booze, porno, mini-skirts, halter-tops and general understanding of what fun is. - May 2017

Cutoff shorts and mesh tank tops. Expectations of weight maintenance/loss. - May 2017

desire to improve your Arabic, driving etiquette, and winter clothes - May 2015

Umbrella, shorts, short skirts, tank tops, winter clothes. - Feb 2015

Bad attitude, prejudice against the Middle East, and strapless dresses. - Apr 2012

Hopes that this is a rising middle eastern power. They think money is a solution for all issues, how wrong they are. - Mar 2012

Winter clothes. - Mar 2012

assumptions about Arabs. I love how this place has shattered any prejudices I may have acquired in the US. Also, don't feel you need to stock up on much before arriving. It's all here. - Jan 2012

Winter coats. - Oct 2010

expectations of experiencing ancient Middle Eastern culture. Even the goods sold in the Souqs are from China. Doha is an easy place to live, but it's like Tyson's Corner, only Muslim and on the water. - Dec 2009

Expectations of a spiritual intersection with Islam and an enlightening introduction into Middle Eastern culture. This is a money culture, pure and simple. Character is measured here by how much someone can display, how much wealth they can accumulate, and how much more important they are than the next guy in a Landcruiser. - Sep 2008

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