Quality pet care available (vets & kennels)?

Yes. We like the Canadian vet. - Apr 2012

They hate dogs. Cats are everywhere. - Mar 2012

There are some decent vets/kennels. We are happy with ours. - Mar 2012

We use the Canadian Vet Clinic for our standard poodle. They are very caring and reasonably priced. Just be aware that your dog will be limited to compound living. This is not a culture where dogs are necessarily welcome. But our dog loves our garden and lounges on the cool marble tile in the house during the hot months. - Jan 2012

There are two vet clinics. Both are decent. There is also a government-sponsored clinic that is fine as well, plus it's very cheap or free. - Oct 2010

Great vets in Doha. Remember that dogs are not welcome here, so yours will be on your compound at all times. Sad. - Dec 2009

It is okay. - Sep 2008

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