Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

The air quality here is some of the worst in the world. It has negatively effected any and everyone who has spent some quality time in Doha. Having never had any medical or dental care here, I can't directly comment. It is worth noting that a couple of folks who have had dental work and minor surgery/PT here have had some serious issues post-op that forced them to medically evacuate to London and the U.S. for follow-up care. - May 2017

Dust and 2.5 PMI air pollution. People here have respiratory issues here pretty frequently.

Medical care is okay to good, but depends on the doctor that you get. Most people choose to medically evacuate for big issues, like surgeries, delivering babies, or having dental work done. - May 2017

several hospitals in nice buildings but there's a lack of qualified doctors and lack of equipment. - May 2015

Mostly respiratory problems related to air quality. There's also MERS here, but just stay away from the camels and you'll be fine. There seems to be some kind of child disease epidemic at the moment (lice and pink eye and such), not sure what's going on with that. Medical care is questionable at best. The hospitals look fancy but there are hardly any qualified doctors in them. As in many do not even have valid medical qualifications. There are a few good ones here and there but it's hard to find. I wouldn't recommend getting anything worse than a bacterial infection treated here... - Feb 2015

Good health care. Excellent private hospitals. Be prepared to pay for the services and then submit to insurance for reimbursement. - Apr 2012

Health care is spotty. The Sheikh Hamad hospital is big, but waiting times are long and surly nurses and doctors. Many people get medevaced to Bombay, India, for serious issues. Oh, and Sudafed is OTC, so is Prozac and many other dangerous meds! - Mar 2012

Food safety is pretty good. There are some decent medical facilities including the private al ahli hospital. For some speciality procedures/treatment you need to go to Hamad, the public hospital. Hamad has decent equipment/doctors and is very affordable (a real boon for many of the expat laborers) but takes a long time to get service. You can spend half a day there trying to get some nurse's attention and then have to walk around in circles to get the right feespaid. - Mar 2012

Great healthcare!We use the Doha Clinic for almost every medical need. It's a private drop-in clinic chock full of specialists. A visit is around $50 USD and you never wait more than about 20 minutes to be seen. I'm very pleased. - Jan 2012

None really. The medical care is better then I would expect. Hamad hospital is respected. Unless its life threatening, you will be fine. - Oct 2010

Excellent. - Dec 2009

Qataris go abroad for all major medical care - like heart operations, transplants, etc. For basic care I think you can find a doctor you like. There are several decent clinics and a pretty good hospital. Be prepared to get shoved out of line if a Qatari comes in .They get served first, even if you have been waiting an hour. - Sep 2008

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