Morale among expats:

Decent to high. Some people are bored... but they're not miserable. A lot of families find reward in the contentment of their kids here. - Apr 2012

Low to none. - Mar 2012

Varies. Most Western expats don't last more than a couple years, but a few stick around for a while. Most people are drawn here for the money. - Mar 2012

My husband and I can't understand why people complain about this place. This post has been a truly pleasant surprise. We know of some people who let boredom take over, but that's their problem, not Doha's. If you are here with your family and can't find enjoyment in it, I think you're nuts. - Jan 2012

If you are with an oil company, you love it. Everyone else is biding their time. - Oct 2010

Oil folks are loving life. Those of us with government salaries are a bit shell-shocked at the cost of living. Life is easy and safe in Doha. There are many more difficult posts, so morale ranges from good to great. Surround yourself with positive people and you will do well. - Dec 2009

Good for the most part. The oil sector folks like being rich and living in big houses. The education folks are in it for the experience so they are content. Most government types are just marking time. - Sep 2008

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