What English-language religious services are available locally?

There is a religious complex somewhere in the city that the Qatari government has allowed and is fully legal. They have a swath of Christian services, as well as a mix of other religions. I've heard it gets extremely crowded and parking can be tough. I know there are some "under the table" services at private residences that are not legally condoned. - May 2017

I've heard that there are some churches somewhere, in an area designated by the Qatari government as a place that expats can worship, but I haven't sought it out. This is an Islamic country, so all you'll see in your daily life are mosques--and their services are in Arabic. - May 2017

most; just limited location. - May 2015

There is a little church-enclave with churches of several denominations (I think Catholic, Anglican, Baptist, and some orthodox varieties). No Mormon church or synagogue. - Feb 2015

Islam. Period. - Mar 2012

There is a government-sanctioned "church city" where several denominations have churches, including Catholic, Protestant (Anglican I think), LDS, and Greek Orthodox. - Mar 2012

I'm sure they are here but you won't see church steeples. - Jan 2012

There is a born again christian church, catholic and LDS that I know of. - Oct 2010

This is a Muslim country, and proselytizing is illegal. One must be very respectful and mindful of this at all times. That being said, there is a Christian non-denominational church, a Roman Catholic one and active LDS. - Dec 2009

I think the Christians have some choices. - Sep 2008

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