How much of the local language do you need for daily living? Are local language classes/tutors available and affordable?

Zero. Like literally none. Zip. My wife was mandated a 2/1 in Modern Standard Arabic, and has used 0.00% since our arrival. English is ubiquitous. - May 2017

0.00% Arabic needed. English is the common language here. - May 2017

depends on what you do - if you're doing business with locals, you'll need Arabic; for everything else English is okay. - May 2015

None, most people you'll encounter for daily living aren't Qatari or even Arab. - Feb 2015

None. I am learning some Arabic phrases but English is ubiquitous here. - Apr 2012

A lot, if you interact with local Arabs. Others know English well. - Mar 2012

Arabic is not necessary to get around. Signs are all in english and arabic, and most people speak english. You may find yourself forgetting your Arabic while you are here. - Mar 2012

Sadly, you don't need Arabic to live here. Signage, currency, publications, etc. are in both Arabic and English. The universal language among the myriad cultures is English. It is good to learn some Arabic greetings out of respect for the host culture. Sometimes I forget I'm in a faraway place. - Jan 2012

None. Everyone speaks English. - Oct 2010

None, but learning a few Arabic phrases goes a long way. All signs and such are in English. - Dec 2009

They speak english here. Everyone. Everywhere. - Sep 2008

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