Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

Bring an unlocked smartphone and get a local plan with Ooredoo, Qatar's mobile service company. I think my mobile plan runs around $60 a month or so for 7gb of data and more phone time than I can use. - May 2017

Again, Ooredoo rules the market here. A plan with 7GB of data costs (and enough minutes and texts to keep you covered) costs about $60/month.

Qataris love their smartphones and everyone's got the latest. Bring an unlocked smartphone and Ooredoo will have you set up and ready to go immediately. - May 2017

get one. you'll look out of place if you don't hold one to your ear constantly when out in public. - May 2015

Get a fancy smartphone (or bring an unlocked one), get Ooredoo Shahry for whatever minutes you need and then add a data plan for whatever data you use (I get the smallest pack on Shahry and a 1 or 2GB data plan - it's much cheaper than getting the Shahry with as much data as you want, because they come with very small data allowances). - Feb 2015

You definitely want a cell phone. Easy to get here with affordable plans. - Apr 2012

You get all cellphones without contract. - Mar 2012

Qtel works fine. - Mar 2012

Easy to get an unlocked phone here. I pay about $50/month for a generous call/data plan. - Jan 2012

Qtel and Vodafone are the only two carriers in the country. Rates are ok. - Jun 2011

Get one. Everyone uses them. Qtel is the provider and it's fine. - Oct 2010

You will need one. - Dec 2009

Everybody has one. Same as everywhere. - Sep 2008

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