Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

There are buses and taxis. Both reasonably affordable, though safety is questionable, as a lot of drivers here are extremely reckless. They are currently working on a metro line, but it won't be completed for a few years. Uber is the most popular means of getting around town without your own vehicle. - May 2017

Yes, all safe and approved for use. I use Uber all the time. - May 2017

taxis are okay. - May 2015

There aren't really any. There are a couple buses but they have strange and impractical routes, and I don't know anyone who has figured out how to use them. There are also taxis, but they're nearly impossible to flag down or call for one. Previously, everyone just had a private car service guy that they would use as a taxi service. We recently got Uber though and that has been a huge help for transportation. Both of the latter two options are a bit pricey, but mostly safe (sometimes you get a crazy driver and see your life flash before your eyes multiple times on the journey). - Feb 2015

Taxis are safe and cheap thought not always easy to find. Many people use private car services which are also pretty affordable. - Apr 2012

Buses are nice and affordable, but they are very infrequent and don't go everywhere. Taxis are affordable if you can find one of those green government run taxis. There's a huge network of "illegal taxis," which most Americans and some Asians use. Make sure you get into a clean one, and reduce the rate significantly before you step inside one. - Mar 2012

Taxis are affordable, but few and far between. If you want to order one you will need to call half a day in advance. I've never taken a bus. You'd probably wilt while waiting for the bus during the warmer months. - Mar 2012

Taxis are affordable but not always easy to come by. - Jan 2012

Public Transportation is horrible. The taxi service (Karwa) is ok. Private taxis are illegal. - Jun 2011

Taxis are fine and safe. Not too expensive. I don't know anyone who has ever taken a local bus. And there are no local trains. - Oct 2010

Taxis are safe, as are limo services. Doha will be wonderful in 10 years when their public transportation system is complete. Buses are for day laborers...although they still look plenty safe to me. - Dec 2009

They exist but they are filled to the brim with the impoverished working class. You really want to take a different mode of transport. - Sep 2008

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