Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

I would think they would have a hard time getting around with all of the current construction and total lack of sidewalks or sidewalk-like areas. But once you got to where you were going, you'd probably be all right. - May 2017

There are really no sidewalks, so no one is walking anywhere, no matter their ability. Malls are equipped for people with disabilities, so if you have the appropriate vehicle/a driver, you should be fine. - May 2017

yes. - May 2015

Yes, almost nothing is handicapped-friendly. Disabilities still have a huge stigma in Qatari society, and most Qataris with disabilities are hidden away at home and never spoken of. - Feb 2015

This is not a walking city. You drive everywhere. I believe it is becoming more accessible as the infrastructure is developed. - Apr 2012

Too many, there are no sidewalks mostly. It is very difficult even for the able bodied. - Mar 2012

Relative to many world capitals, it's not too bad. You can drive everywhere, there is handicapped parking at the malls, and plenty of elevators. - Mar 2012

The infrastructure is getting better and better by the day, but they are still not up to speed in accommodating people in wheelchairs. The lack of public transportation makes driving a must. - Jan 2012

I think this place is very friendly towards the disabled in terms of its infrastructure and its people. - Jun 2011

Lots. There are no sidewalks or any special systems put into place for people with physical disabilities. - Oct 2010

Doha is set up very well for individuals with disabilities. Remember my previous comment about traffic accidents? Those that survive traffic accidents tend to be disabled and require a lot of assistance. Villas and embassy housing, however, are not set up for individuals with disabilities. There are a lot of stairs, bathtubs for showers and such. - Dec 2009

Probably few. They have handicapped parking spaces and most buildings have doors wide enough for assisted access. Older buildings not so much. There is a lot of slippery paving in malls. This is by no means a walking town. You must have a vehicle to get around. - Sep 2008

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