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Nope. Good luck. If you can make it here you can literally make it at any other post. - Aug 2019

I do not miss living in Haiti but, two years later, I do still miss working there. Depending on your line of work, you will likely find the work to be either extremely frustrating or extremely rewarding. Find your niche, build a good team, and those things will get you through. - Jun 2019

Try new things while you're here. Subscribe to Manman Pemba and try some local events, get outside of Port au Prince. It's a dirty city but the countryside is beautiful. This place has a unique and rich history and I am really impressed by their ability to retain their local language (Creole) with the U.S. and Latin America surrounding the island. The arts and dance scene is nice. Get out of your comfort zone and add some color to your wardrobe. If you have small kids, take advantage of the local offerings and try a French program while they are young enough to gain entry. Force yourself to be social and create fun. Post needs more optimistic people. - Sep 2014

If you come with the right attitude, you will do just fine here. If you have not been to a developing country, you may be frustrated and hate it here. Your experience will be what you want it to be. Though certain things are very difficult (travel and security restrictions, getting sick a lot, the need to be patient for things to get done), there are wonderful things you can only experience in Haiti and for that, the experience here is worth it. - Sep 2013

There is a new crew on board and the Management section of the Embassy is making great efforts to correct many of the issues that have directly impacted morale at post. It will take a while, a long, long while for change to take place, but for those of you coming in the future, there is hope. One day, the well-deserved reputation that this post has earned will change. Change for the better. So you mid-level managers and seasoned veterans, think about coming. We need you. Things are changing, you can help that change stick, and keep this embassy on track. Plus in the coming years, the Embassy is shifting toward compound living w/American style housing. So many of the housing complaints will go away and quality of life issues will drastically improve. - Sep 2011

Please make a difference in a life in extreme poverty. By becoming a partner with someone in extreme poverty , you are giving them a chance at life. Make a difference , become a partner and a friend. Please visit our website at : www.pinpartnership.orgThank you, Jennifer - Jan 2010

Haiti and Haitians can just be terrific...the poor place is blasted by bad storms, bad luck, and a terrible it can become a bit despairing. But I'm delighted that I got to come here and I wish for others considering this place that hey Really Come...and bring younger children...because it's so wonderful and special and needs positive in-comers. - May 2009

I loved my time in Haiti. It is a beautiful, special place and I hope anyone who goes there does see all of the good as well as has a healthy grasp of the problems. - Dec 2008

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