What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

Proximity to the US. - Aug 2019

Proximity to the USA, if you have family there. - Jun 2019

None. - Aug 2018

Weekend trips to the beach. Easy trips back to the US. - Apr 2017

It's close to the United States. - Dec 2016

Can be easy to save since the Post Differential is high (30%), close proximity to the U.S. and the Dominican Republic, warm/hot weather year round (I hate cold weather), decent beaches, employing household staff is pretty easy and inexpensive, nice arts scene, friendly people, etc. - Sep 2014

You could save money if you didn't need to get away so often! Haitian people and culture are wonderful, but we cannot travel freely, and "resorts," which are not really up to international standards, are very expensive. The embassy organized a trip by air to Cap Haitian with tour of Sans Souci and the Citadelle, horse, tour guide and lunch included, three nights at Cormier Plage half-pension for just over US$500 per person. Nicest trip so far. A similar trip to Ile a Vache, Abaka Bay resort, cost about the same, but took 6 hours of driving plus another 2 hours to park car, load and take boat across the island, so one whole day lost in travel. It took two hours less driving on return drive, but still way too much time in traffic not too mention over US$100 in gas for the drive. The country is beautiful, but not cheap! Former Club Med, now called Club Indigo, and several similar beach clubs are nice, with US$20 - $25 entrance fees, but still not up to international standards. Haitian food is not too bad if you like Caribbean style food. People are friendly, colorful, fun. Weather is perfect if you like hot & sunny. Semi-tropical. I like it, you can always go to the pool. Being close to the U.S. is nice too, easy to get away. Sometimes Insel Air has flights to San Maarten and beyond for 50% off, so can get to other Caribbean countries - Curacao, Saba, etc. - Sep 2013

I would say saving money. However, there are no middle class services. Everything from groceries to restaurants are expensive. You can save money if you buy consumables in the States, ship them in, and then don't internet shop. (The import fees are excessive which drive up prices AND there is an uber-wealthy class here in Haiti. All of the services are geared toward them.) - Sep 2011

The close proximity to Miami is a big advantage. When life in Haiti starts to overwhelm you, you can always get away for a long weekend for around $300-$400. - Jan 2011

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