What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

DC, very easy to travel to US. To DC you will go through ATL and the whole trip takes about 10 hours door to door. This is the main draw of PAP for many people. - Aug 2019

Washington, USA. One typically flies to Miami or Fort Lauderdale, then to Haiti from there. It is a two-hour flight from Florida to Haiti. - Jun 2019

Washington, DC. - Aug 2018

It's a quick trip back to the US. 90 minutes to Miami/Fort Lauderdale or 2.5 hours to Atlanta. However, if you are flying from the west coast to Port au Prince, you either have to take a red-eye to Atlanta or Miami or spend the night. - Apr 2017

USA, Miami is less than a 2 hour flight -- connect from there to many US locations - Dec 2016

Washington DC. About 7-8 hours including a transfer in Miami or Ft Lauderdale. There are also direct flights to ATL and JFK. Flights to DC can be had for US$450-700 depending on the season. American is the major carrier, followed by Delta and Jet Blue (as of Dec 2013). - Sep 2014

As a Foreign Service Officer I do not have a home base. Haiti is home. But it is nice to be just a quick flight to Miami. With enough notice, a roundtrip ticket on American Airlines is under US$300. This was a surprising and unexpected benefit of being so close to the U.S. since we were used to long flights from Africa. We get to the U.S. every several months. You need the break, sometimes. - Sep 2013

A two hour flight from Miami, but flights are exorbitantly expensive. - Sep 2011

Home is Detroit, which is an easy trip from Port-au-Prince tthrough Miami (about 1.5 hours) with a connection to Detroit. - Jan 2011

I am currently in Portland, Oregon and will return to Haiti again in March or April to continue to help the organization. - Jan 2010

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