What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

There are restaurants in Petionville, but again they are expensive. I rarely get out without spending US$50-60 and it's hardly every worth it in terms of value. No delivery, though I have heard there are some nascent attempts. - Aug 2019

Delivery was not widely available. There are at least a dozen or so good restaurants in town. My favorite was Le 3 Decks in the hills of Kenscoff. The upscale hotels typically had good restaurants as well. - Jun 2019

Haiti does not have a restaurant culture. So the restaurants that exist cater to foreigners or the elite. A meal is US prices or more, and quality varies widely. Delivery is an option but you do so by WhatsApp. - Aug 2018

Lots of restaurants in Petionville. Service usually isn't great, but food is generally good. The only delivery is pizza, but it Is much faster to go pick it up. - Apr 2017

There are no chain restaurants, which makes for good options. You can get sushi, a roast chicken at the grocery store or pizza.There are many nice restaurants, primarily in the vicinity of Petionville. There are coffee shops and good bakeries. - Dec 2016

No such thing as fast food here!!! There is a Domino's remaining in Petionville, but I don't know how fast the service is. Food is expensive here. The CLO can provide lots of info, but there are Lebanese, Haitian, French, Mexican, American, Chinese, pizza, etc options available. And they will cost you! - Sep 2014

No fast food. There are no McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Starbucks etc here. The concept of Fast Food does not exist. Just relax and enjoy having the table to yourself for a few hours. There are good restaurants though, but not cheap. My favorite place is Haiku (Japanese/Asian) at the UN log base, cheap too. Restaurants in Petionville are ridiculously expensive. But there are a dozen or so very nice places, and all kinds of food are available, plentiful seafood. Churrasco will cost you US$35. Salad, side dishes usually at additional cost. Drinks US$8 or so usually. "Irish Embassy" is an Irish style pub that serves Guiness on tap. Usually Prestige, Heineken, Corona and Presidente beers available. Lobster, grilled fish, lambi (conch) always available. Not 100% sure if clean water is used everywhere - can get bottled though. I have had many GI issues in Haiti and probably some of it is to blame on eating out, but I do not let that stop me. Though expensive, ambiance of restaurants is very nice, usually outdoor garden settings, often with a beautiful view overlooking the city. - Sep 2013

Near the Embassy, plan on spending US$10 - $15 at the Daily Cafe. The lunch buffet at Cannes a Sucre is around $12. Dining out, Hot & Fresh (Sandwiches) $7. Munchies in Petionville (BEST PIZZA EVER (NYC style)) Large pizza & two cokes $20. Quartier Latin (latin music & dancing on Thursday nights, make a reservation) $25 and up. The View, Trois Deck, Mozaique, Papaye, and others, $30-100.(USD) - Sep 2011

There are a few good restaurants in Petionville which range from expensive to very expensive. Dinner for two at La Souvenance will run you over $200. Quartier Latin is a little more than half that. There is a Domino's Pizza in Petionville but no "real" fast food such as McDonald's or Burger King. - Jan 2011

Albadore? I probably misspelled this. It is a buffet style place , mostly Americans , UN and Rich Haitians eat there. - Jan 2010

All dining out is very expensive and can be good...but not especially. I am proud to report that fast food has not hit Haiti yet, except for Dominos --which I have happily boycotted for many years. There's so much bad pizza in this world, we must do what we can to encourage good pizza. - May 2009

2 Dominos, a good Lebanese place, a good steak place, and some French places. - Feb 2009

There is a Domino's. LOTS of excellent French restaurants that are actually pretty expensive (NY prices). Very good Lebanese food here too! - Dec 2008

A mediocre Dominos, a great Lebanese place, some good hotel restaurants. The French places are really hit or miss between bad and good on any given night. - Feb 2008

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