Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

I mean, it's fine. I don't thing gays or straights are frequently dating in the local community so I dont think it matters much - Aug 2019

Haitian society does not seem very tolerant of LGBT. - Jun 2019

As everywhere, an underground community exists, but it will be largely expats. - Aug 2018

For the most part, Haitians don't care about your sexual preferences. - Dec 2016

Not really, it is the Caribbean. There are gays and lesbians here but it's hidden. - Sep 2014

We have a few in our community who do OK but the country itself is not LGBT friendly and the local community recently protested an event for a British expat who was trying to celebrate his same-sex engagement, it got violent. - Sep 2013

This is not really a good city for gay/lesbian expats. There is something of a community, but it is not organized at all. The internet helps to establish contact with other gay/lesbian expats but most foreigners do not stay in Haiti for extended periods of time, so it is hard to build any kind of meaningful or lasting community. Homosexuality within the Haitian community is very taboo, and it is almost impossible to make contact with gay/lesbian locals. Furthermore, most Haitian men who demonstrate an interest in foreign men are really only looking for money. - Jan 2011

No, it isn't. I'm one of few expatriates that saw a gay fashion show, of a type...and it reminded me of the gay scene in the US about 30 years ago, and how uncomfortable people are about 'coming out'. The Kompa music is great, and I find it to be a really 'festive' culture But it's conservative as well. - May 2009

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