Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

For this moment in my personal life and career it is fine and I have learned a ton and it will help me going forward. However, I would never choose to live or visit here again. The work plus the environment really take a lot out of you. - Aug 2019

If I could have the same quality of work experiences, yes. Otherwise, probably not. - Jun 2019

Absolutely not. - Aug 2018

Yes. It hasn't always been easy, but overall it's been a positive experience. - Apr 2017

I would take another assignment here. - Dec 2016

Yes! It's been a great tour for my family, frustrations aside. I have met some great people here too. This is a very easy place to come to and become bored and isolate yourself from others. We have made Haitian friends and found some friends within the Embassy community that have made the difference for us, - Sep 2014

Hmmmm. Probably, but I doubt I would come back here to work again. Glad for the unique experience and love my work and that my husband also has a good job. It has been a blessing to be so close to home, for personal reasons. But you cannot come here trying to fix Haiti. If your goal is to make a difference, you will have to measure your impact in very small teeny tiny increments. - Sep 2013

Maybe, but most likely not. - Sep 2011

Yes. - Jan 2011

Yes. They need help and we are doing everything we can to help them. I am going in March or April. - Jan 2010

Absolutely. If I came to know it much better...and had more confidence in how to arrange what...I could even like to have a part-time retirement place here. - May 2009

Oh hell no. - Feb 2009

Absolutely! - Dec 2008

Not now, but maybe in a couple years when there's a shift change at the embassy. - Feb 2008

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