Are qualified veterinarians and/or good kennel services available? Do animals need to be quarantined upon entry to the country? Are there other considerations regarding pets that are particular to this country?

There is one good vet that comes to the compounds. Dogs can have an okay life in the compounds and cats are even easier. You can find pets supplies in the stores, though expensive or ship them in. I don't believe there is a quarantine. The one caution is that in some months it may be too hot to fly pets in and during the recent evacuation it was very stressful for pet owners to get their pets out in the 72 hour window. More evacuations are not out of the question in the future. - Aug 2019

Everyone seems to use one of two vets in town. I have not heard complaints. - Aug 2018

The animal care center in Petionville was adequate for my dog. They sell Royal Canin pet food and a variety of pet supplies. There is no quarantine. Do have your pet immunized for rabies. The incidence of rabies is high in the country. Use Air France for transport of pets in and out of the country. - Dec 2016

No clue. I know they cannot fly on American during the summer months. No kennels but there is at least one vet. - Sep 2014

No. Just watch out for airline temperature requirements. You'll need to take the first flight of the day in/out. - Sep 2013

I wouldn't take a pet there. - Jan 2010

No. - Feb 2009

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