What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

I recommend using the consumables shipment to ship detergents, soaps, canned foods, alcohol, etc., as this will save money. You can get everything here though. - Aug 2019

Ship paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, etc.) as these can be expensive locally. I also recommend shipping liquid goods with brands that you really like, e.g. shampoos, cooking sauces, etc. Otherwise, there is not a lot in this category. - Jun 2019

More laundry detergent, specialty sauces and spices, cleaning items and products. - Aug 2018

Use your consumables shipment. Cleaning supplies and any large liquids (especially anything in glass bottles) are good to ship. Bring your own motor oil in HHE. If you are picky about beer, definitely ship that. Everything else comes fairly quickly through DPO. - Apr 2017

Pet food. - Dec 2016

Suspension parts for my truck, toiletries, lots of DVDs, a few UPS boxes, more clothing (I took for granted that there would be malls), more kids activities, a trampoline for the yard. - Sep 2014

Liquids - wines, beer, Diet coke, etc. Just because it is less expensive - you can get it all here though. - Sep 2013

A cooler and a bag to cover it. To make Costco meat and cheese runs up to the States. Note:American Airlines won't allow you to fly to Haiti with a cooler during the summer months, so you have to put the cooler inside of a duffle bag of some sort. Also, re: American Airlines -- they have a summer embargo season, so check flight restrictions up to the minute you fly. (You arrive at the airport with your three bags w/ carry on and find out that yesterday they changed the rules and now you're only allowed to check two bags, not three. The airline attendants don't budge, they don't bargain, they don't care that you are moving to Haiti for two years. They won't let you pay the fee for a third bag, even though you're very willing. And no, even if you're on orders, they won't pretend that you're military and give you those allowances. Just be prepared.) - Sep 2011

food,books, purification system for water, medical supplies,building equipment, and tools to build, clothes,underwear and shoes. I can not believe how many people have no shoes, and most of them can not go to school because they don't have shoes or underwear to go. - Jan 2010

Nothing special. - May 2009

Favorite toiletries, condiments, car items. - Feb 2009

Nothing really. - Dec 2008

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