How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

DPO for now, but that may be going away and we will be left with the slower pouch. You can really only send and receive mail at the Embassy. - Aug 2019

I used Embassy DPO for mail and packages. Service improved on this during my time here and got to where I could get packages from amazon in a week. I never used the local postal service. - Jun 2019

DPO & pouch. - Aug 2018

DPO. I don't think there is a local postal service, but DHL seems to be fairly prevalent. - Apr 2017

Diplomatic mission. FedEx is available. Mission groups have an airmail system that volunteers staff and pay a fee for the weight of the mail. - Dec 2016

DPO and Fedex. - Sep 2014

Through pouch and DPO at the Embassy. - Sep 2013

DPO & Pouch. Items that happen to be sent by regular mail to a real address in Haiti take months (several) to arrive in Haiti. So if you don't have access to DPO or the pouch, use FedEx. - Sep 2011

DPO and pouch are available. Mail can also be hand-carried to Miami and sent from there. - Jan 2011

We bring the partners the gifts from their partners. Hand delivery. If anyone is wishing to send light items, and not over 100 pounds for the people in need they can through our organization. - Jan 2010

Only through the Embassy. - May 2009

Pouch mail 2 or 3 times a week. - Feb 2009

Friends going back and forth from the US, DHL. - Dec 2008

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