What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

There is yoga at the Embassy and a gym at the embassy and in the housing compound. There are also pools at the Embassy and on both compounds. - Aug 2019

The Embassy had a decent gym. I believe the Hotel Karibe had a health club that some people liked, though I could not comment on its fees. - Jun 2019

Very few, and those that exist are very poor. One in Petionville, charges 70$/mnth for membership, and is not fully stocked with the equipment that you'd expect. And the embassy gym has damaged equipment (benches with exposed foam, treadmills that don't work, etc) that is unsanitary and/or dangerous. It is also tiny, and always crowded. There will be a new gym on the new compound when it "eventually" opens. I cannot speak to it's quality. - Aug 2018

There is a small gym at the embassy. I have never used it, but it sounds like it isn't great.The new compound is supposed to have a workout room. Currently there is a boot camp class 2 days a week and an abs class 2 days a week. These are free and led by current officers. CLO has been organizing yoga at the Embassy once a week with a local instructor, 8 weekly sessions are $60. There is also a spinning studio up in Petitionville that some people have used. - Apr 2017

There is at least one gym in the Petionville area. I heard that it is expensive. Of course, the alternative is hiking in the nearby mountains. - Dec 2016

There is the Embassy gym, a local gym in Vivy Michel (Coin de Village, I believe), and Project Zen in Petionville is a yoga studio. There is also Dance 4 Life and they have a Haitian folklore class for adults in Petionville. - Sep 2014

At the Embassy yes - gym, boot camp, yoga, ballet, Zumba, etc. I have seen gyms in Petionville and the Karibe hotel but we keep free weights and bands at home and use workout videos. Exercising outdoors is hot, unless you get up at the crack of dawn. Early mornings are the best time to run outdoors. - Sep 2013

There is a pool and a small gym on the US Embassy compound. Ship in your own treadmill/elliptical trainer/weights and turn your second bedroom into a gym. The old Gold's Gym in Petionville that was mentioned by a prior post has been taken over by the CEP (think elections). It is a gym no more. Don't bring a pull-up bar (I made this mistake). The walls are thick concrete, which leaves you with no door frame to hang the pull-up bar from. - Sep 2011

Not very much...there's a gym at the embassy, and a pool. Tennis courts can be found but they expensive, esp. with instructors. - May 2009

A good gym just closed, although I've heard there is another one in the area that's ok. - Feb 2009

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