What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

There are ok restaurants in Petionville and before the travel restrictions there were more beaches to go to and Carnival celebrations. - Aug 2019

See my earlier answers -- Le 3 Decks, Hotel Karibe, El Rancho Hotel, The Lodge up high in the mountains. - Jun 2019

Cap Haitian and the Citadelle. Jacmel and Bassin Bleu. The DR is a fairly easy drive. There are a lot of good options for weekend and day trips. - Apr 2017

Go to the Apparent project and see beads made from old cardboard and buy some bracelets. - Dec 2016

Bassin Bleu in Jacmel. Going up to Kenscoff (the mountains above PAP). Irish Village on Monday nights can be fun. - Sep 2014

As listed in some of my favorite things above. Art and music are prominent in this culture. Getting out of Port-au-Prince as often as possible - beaches, especially. Outdoor patio dining in Petionville. Home parties. Socializing with other exPats. Touring the Prestige or Barbancourt factory, or gingerbread houses. I am hoping to get to the Olafssen hotel on a Thursday night to see their cultural/voodoo dance show. Voodoo section at the iron market is very interesting, a bit scary. - Sep 2013

People go to the beach, or up the mountain to the Baptist Mission (view is nice). Sleep, read a book. Watch movies online. Sleep some more. Walk little circles around the housing compound. - Sep 2011

The beaches are not bad;. There are some nightclubs and a few good restaurants. - Jan 2011

There are so many wonderful artist. I saw many of talented and gifted people in the arts and wood workers. Beautiful art pieces. - Jan 2010

Beaches, drives up in the mountains, a few concerts, dances, .. Cultural events happen but it's very hard to figure out where and when they take place. - May 2009

The beaches, or the Dominican Republic. - Feb 2009

Art galleries, hiking, travel, sports (esp. tennis), dance. - Dec 2008

Leave. - Feb 2008

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