What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Hot all year, there is a rainy season but there has been a lot of drought recently. - Aug 2019

The weather is hot and sticky for about six months, and fairly pleasant the other six months. In the hills outside the city, the air is cleaner and cooler. Hurricanes can be a danger. There is no clear dry season, and it can rain at most any time. - Jun 2019

Not much in the way of seasons. It's very hot and humid in the summer and hot and a little less humid in the "winter." Even in the rainy seasons it mostly rains at night. - Apr 2017

Nice weather, but with potential hurricanes and earthquakes. The rain can be heavy in the spring and fall leading to flooding. That is when cholera becomes a problem. - Dec 2016

It's always hot. From April - November, it's rainy and hot. December - March is beautiful. Very little rain, dry heat. Temperature is always between 85-95F year round. - Sep 2014

Hot. Surprisingly dry (after having lived in the tropics). Almost always sunny. When it rains it usually does not last long, but an unexpected thunderstorm can cause a flash flood worse than a passing tropical storm. Flash floods tun roads into obstacle courses. Warm evenings. You will keep the A/C on in your house all the time, if you have it. I live in Tabarre, but if you are in Petionville, it is 5 - 10 (F) degrees cooler, even more at night - you might need a jacket in the winter at night. - Sep 2013

Hot and humid, but less so than in S.E. Asia. There are two rainy seasons, hemmed in by two semi-dry seasons. - Sep 2011

The climate is typically tropical: hot days, cool nights, a rainy season and a dry season. - Jan 2011

It was between 92- 98 degrees every day, with no rain. When it does rain the garbage from the polluted rivers- which are filled with trash and waste, and god only knows what else. The water from this river rises and goes into their sheds, which usually house up to 7 people. While I was there , I was very concerned about the mosquitoes and also small bugs that might possibly carry diseases. - Jan 2010

Oh, generally very nice. It can get tropical hot and rain in the evenings. - May 2009

Excellent weather in general and the hurricanes do little damage in PaP itself. - Feb 2009

Mostly hot, sunny and tropical. Rainy season starting in August and going through November, which makes getting around difficult (it can't just rain, it comes in buckets). December and January are beautifully cool in the evenings. - Dec 2008

The weather is generally good. - Feb 2008

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