Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

We can't go there right now, but there is a metal works community that makes beautiful things. - Aug 2019

Metalwork is the main local craft. Paintings were also quite popular with some. - Jun 2019

There are handicrafts, metal artwork, paintings that many collect. Haiti has a vibrant art culture. - Aug 2018

Good variety of artwork, especially paintings and metal work. - Apr 2017

There are many handicrafts in Haiti. Much of it is upcycled. Paper mache, metalwork, paintings, wood carvings, beaded purses and so much more. - Dec 2016

Art!!! - Sep 2014

Colorful art, voodoo flags, metal iron sculpture, Haitian furniture, music, Barbancourt rhum. - Sep 2013

Beautiful wooden bowls (Einstein), metal art, beaded bags, paintings (from the galleries and on the streets), stone sculptures. - Sep 2011

Everyone who has posted on Port-au-Prince so far has said you can spend it on the completely and totally unique Haitian art. Although you can buy art here, be aware that it is in no way unique! You will find the exact same paintings anywhere in Africa. Be aware that those beautiful "Haitian" paintings are most likely mass produced in Taiwan and sold to gullible tourists all over the world. If you are going to buy art, be sure you work with an artist and not some guy in the street! - Jan 2011

Try not to buy anything, unless you need it. Wait until you go to the airport. Everything is there, and easier to get. - Jan 2010

Paintings, art, great privately-guided tours for weekends away (but such getaways can cost $3-$400/weekend). - May 2009

Art, handicrafts (metal work, embroidery/linens, papier-mache), coffee, rum. - Dec 2008

Locally crafted airplane tickets out. - Feb 2008

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