Can you save money?

Yes you can, but it will be tempting to travel outside of PAP often. - Sep 2014

Yes, if you stay locked up in your house. But don't do that, you'll go stir crazy. - Sep 2013

Only if you don't eat out, don't travel, and don't shop on the internet. - Sep 2011

It is possible but not easy. If you are eating American-style and trying to live a Western life, it will cost you. If you make a few cuts and go local for your food and household products, you can save some money. - Jan 2011

good luck. Everyone is in need there. Like I told a guy that came in from Europe. You will be lucky if less then 30 people a day ask you for help. - Jan 2010

Yes, if you're fairly careful about how you spend it. - May 2009

Yes, your danger pay more than covers the additional food expenses your COLA doesn't cover. - Feb 2009

Yes, but day to day living can be expensive. - Dec 2008

Yes - Feb 2008

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