But don't forget your:

FLEXIBILITY and sense of humor. - Aug 2019

Healthy skepticism and attention to your own security. - Jun 2019

Mosquito repellant, and swimming trunks. - Aug 2018

Sunscreen and inflatable pool floats. - Apr 2017

Sunscreen. Bring your winter coat in case you want to go north in the winter. - Dec 2016

Positive attitude. We all need it. - Sep 2014

Sense of humor. Jeep. Patience, especially with traffic. - Sep 2013

Swiffer dusters, air purifiers, & dehumidifier. An extra set of tires. (Yes, the mechanic at the dealership is lying to you, sort-of. Yes, those tires will last you for two years. Two years of driving on freeways in the States. But those tires will only last a year on the everyday roads of Port-au-Prince. I'm assuming here that you don't have brand spanking new tires on your car right now.) High quality UPS (uninterpretable power source) and associated Voltage Regulators (think: your generator sends out too high of a voltage, so everything electrical runs hot, and your UPSs don't charge, then when the power goes out everything crashes). A battery powered alarm clock, or use the alarm on your iPhone/Touch/Pad. Also, fyi, Verizon phones go crazy in Haiti. They won't keep time (and won't make calls), so if you use your phone as an alarm clock, don't count on it working here. (If you use Verizon.) - Sep 2011

common sense. Be polite, Be patient, and Be compassionate. - Jan 2010

Patience. - Feb 2009

Heart. It is really easy to fall in love with the unique beauty of the country and the kindness of the people, even though life here does get frustrating at times. - Dec 2008

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