If you move here, you can leave behind your:

Freedom, independence, privacy. - Aug 2019

Impatience, since you will need a lot of patience, and expectations to improve the area around you. - Jun 2019

Dreams of Caribbean paradise. - Aug 2018

Winter clothes. - Apr 2017

220V appliances. The electricity is 110V. - Dec 2016

Winter clothes and your belief that service should be customer oriented. Understand that we get hardship pay for a reason. The new GSO crew is awesome and they are really trying to improve moral. Please don't inundate them with requests for things you can do yourself (who hung your pictures for you in Washington?). Please don't complain about Haiti in front of Haitians, it's disrespectful. Please remember that when you are complaining about your housing assignment or commute on unpaved roads that you are working alongside Haitians who commute two hours each way from Carrefour and probably don't have electricity the majority of the day. Yet, they've managed to come to work looking fabulous. - Sep 2014

Winter coat. Thoughts that anything starts on time or that food will be delivered promptly. - Sep 2013

go simple. Be modest and don't take any jewelry. If you take you laptop or wallet, keep it close to you at all times. - Jan 2010

Thoughts that Haiti has to be a hardship assignment. - May 2009

Expectations of things being done correctly or on time. - Feb 2009

Preconceptions about poverty. There are a lot of rich people here too and the poor here are very proud and self-sufficient. - Dec 2008

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