Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Medical care is terrible. You are on your way to FL for even minor things. Roads are very dangerous. There are a lot of types of mosquito borne illness, Embassy staff are not immune from this, but you don't hear about Embassy staff getting malaria or dengue routinely or anything. - Aug 2019

Tap water is not potable. Dengue fever exists, as does chikungunya ('dengue lite'). I never used local medical care, except one dentist for teeth cleanings. Most any medical issue beyond a fleeting illness might merit a medevac. Smell any meat at the grocery store before you take it home and freeze it unless you plan to use it within a day. Wash vegetables and fruits to be on the safe side. - Jun 2019

If you need medical care, you are going to go to Miami. - Aug 2018

The medical ed unit is good for basic stuff. Anything else will probably require medical evacuation. You need to be prepared to advocate for yourself and listen to your instincts. Malaria, dengue, chikungunya and Zika are all possible. - Apr 2017

Malaria, chikungunya, zika, dengue are all mosquito born diseases in Haiti. There is also cholera. Use insect precautions and be smart about the food that you eat. The hospitals are generally inadequate and almost anything beyond a mild illness would require medical evacuation. Be sure you have medical evacuation insurance. Some NGOs and faith-based organizations have made efforts to improve the quality of health care in Haiti, but there is a long way to go. Know how to get to your hospital of choice because there is no ambulance service. - Dec 2016

Very minimal. Chickengunya (?) fever is the latest outbreak. Mosquitos are the biggest worry because some carry that and dengue fever. There is a good dentist from what I hear. We do everything while in the States. - Sep 2014

You are going to get the Haitian sensation, guaranteed. I have had more GI issues here than anywhere, though have had amoebas and giardia in prior posts. Nothing seems to get rid of it, it keeps coming back. People are sick here (colds and flu as well) more than any place I have ever lived. If you have a sensitive stomach, be warned. I never had a sensitive stomach, but do now. Supposedly there is malaria so I take pills for it, but have not heard of any outbreaks recently. Embassy medical care is good, but Florida is close if you need to get there quickly. Biggest health risk is probably drivers on the roads. We lost an embassy officer recently from a car crash. Greatest health risk is probably the possibility of a bad car accident. - Sep 2013

Yes. and None. - Sep 2011

As most Haitians will tell you: Haiti is an African country. That means that all of the typical tropical illnesses are here in a big way: cholera, typhoid, dengue fever, malaria, etc. Get your vaccinations before you come! Medical care is not too bad, given the large presence of foreign volunteer doctors. However, for anything more than a simple infection or flu, medevac will be the only option. - Jan 2011

Yes. All . Have all your shots, make sure to take bug spray with you and get checked when you return. - Jan 2010

There are lots of decent doctors and dentists around, but hospitals are very bad. You wouldn't want to get in a bad accident. You can expect some stomach bouts ---but generally we priviledged types are looking pretty healthy to me. - May 2009

Lots of eye infections due to the air quality. - Feb 2009

Food poisoning, even from the best restaurants - related more to sanitary issues (E. coli, ciguatella) and food storage/refrigeration. Malaria. Dengue. Many doctors train in the States, Canada, Belgium or France. Good vet care. - Dec 2008

Many I think. A lot of people seem to get sick here. - Feb 2008

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