What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Men wear suit and tie and women business wear. Fridays can be somewhat causal. In public things are very casual, this is an island. - Aug 2019

I wore a suit and tie but that level of attire is not too common except in the most formal settings. Even in nice restaurants, I typically removed the tie. - Jun 2019

Haiti has a formal culture. Ties for men are expected. - Aug 2018

For work, either suits or business casual. Depends on your section/agency and your day. - Apr 2017

At work, standard business attire is appropriate. There are some occasions when formal dress is necessary. - Dec 2016

I would say business casual and colorful. The Haitians are usually better dressed than us. - Sep 2014

Business casual for the most part. Some men wear suits every day which is OK in the air conditioned building, but this would not work if you are outside a good part of the day. Haitian women are colorful dressers so expat women can be as well. - Sep 2013

Think French. Sharp dressers. The locals dress more nicely than the Americans. Nice shoes, nice pants, nice shirts, nice skits/blouses, nice jewelry, four-inch heels. Freshly laundered, nicely pressed. Etc. - Sep 2011

Business dress during the week; much more casual on the weekends. That is just a suggestion, though, since there are so many different types of people here doing so many different types of work, you will see everything. - Jan 2011

Very professional. More then we see here in America. I was so surprised. - Jan 2010

Pretty much business casual. - May 2009

The usual. - Feb 2009

Pretty formal. This is a French culture and everyone takes great pride in his/her appearance. Don't wear sweatpants to the grocery store, and even going to poverty-stricken areas, dress nicely to show courtesy and respect. After all, they're putting on their best to meet you. - Dec 2008

Business casual. - Feb 2008

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