English-language newspapers and TV available? Cost?

Internet and Satellite TV yes. We pay about US$50/month for internet (sufficient to use Netflix though you can get higher speed than we have for more) and US$65/month for TV which includes all U.S. networks, Discovery and cable news channels. - Sep 2013

Through Voila wifi internet. Hulu & Netflix. - Sep 2011

Satellite TV is available, but the initial setup can be costly (about $3,000). English-language newspapers are not available. - Jan 2011

I never noticed a TV there..I will check when I go back. - Jan 2010

Pretty cheap and good cable. - May 2009

Cable just changed from a good package that included the 3 main US networks, 2 CNNs, and a movie channel to a new basic package with no US, no movie, and 1 CNN.Supposedly you can buy additional "packages" in the future. - Feb 2009

Yes - there is cable and sat TV from the U.S. and Canada. - Dec 2008

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