How much of the local language do you need for daily living? Are local language classes/tutors available and affordable?

Most people speak French, but those who don't still do okay. Creole would make life even easier, but really it is not necessary. The Embassy offers French and Creole classes. - Aug 2019

This will depend on your social circles, as many upper-crust Haitians will speak at least some English. That said, speaking French will go a long way. If you already speak French, use that and do not invest time in learning Kreyol. - Jun 2019

English is present, but Kreyol or French would be helpful. A common troupe here is that many claim they understand English but cannot produce it. - Aug 2018

There a fair number of English speakers, but you really do need to know a little French or Creole. - Dec 2016

Some French will help. Creole will help a lot as it's the true local language of all. - Sep 2014

I speak French (no Creole) and my husband does not speak French or Creole, but we both do just fine. I think you would be OK without French or Creole, but I have found French quite helpful. - Sep 2013

I get by with French. But everyone speaks Creole. Currently, when I want to talk to my Gardener, I speak in French, then my guard translates into Creole. - Sep 2011

It is important to note that, in spite of what everyone says, Haiti is NOT a French-speaking country. The language of Haiti is Haitian Creole, which is very different from French. As a native French speaker, I can say that it is difficult enough to get by with fluent French. Creole is a must. English is widely understood but less widely spoken. - Jan 2011

basic directions, hello and good-bye, water, where to buy food, where is internet connection, and anything else that could be helpful for you..which is hard to say at each given moment in Haiti. - Jan 2010

Creole would be most helpful, but French can get you along. Some people are suggesting in these reports that you can live and work here in English only. but i can't understand why anyone interested...and knowing about living overseas...would suggest that for Haiti? - May 2009

You can get by with none for restaurants and grocery stores but for anything else you need some. - Feb 2009

It is hard to get around outside of the elite circles without at least French, preferably Creole. - Dec 2008

You need French or Creole but mostly for talking with your maid and/or gardener. - Feb 2008

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