What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Cheap, I think people pay about US$20 for a day and often share housekeepers so they have enough work. - Aug 2019

Haitians typically fill these roles. Ask around at your employer for recommendations on this front, as it tends not to be too hard to find. Some people expressed concerns about the quality of help but we had good luck there. - Jun 2019

Household help ranges between US$20-30 per day, and quality varies widely. - Aug 2018

Household help is available and fairly inexpensive. Most people have housekeepers a couple days a week and people with kids generally have full time nannies. - Apr 2017

Full time domestic help is available for about $350 per month. Local health insurance can be provided through DASH for a very reasonable fee. Some people employ drivers. - Dec 2016

Easy to find, though I don't think that many clean to U.S. standards. People usually pay US$150-350 depending on services or days worked. Please be advised that everyone has a story...you will be asked for money for some family tragedy. I was warned before I arrived and have certainly found it to be true. - Sep 2014

I pay 11,000 gourdes (about US$260) a month for a full-time housekeeper, 5 days/week, 7-8 hours/day. I do not need a gardener but others not in the compound do use them at a reasonable price. Dog walkers are available, and there are folks to wash your car. - Sep 2013

My housekeeper comes three times a week and I pay her $15/day, plus Taptap fare. (This comes to just shy of US$200/month or $400/month for full time, 6 days a week.) She cooks, she cleans, she's worked for Americans for a very long time. Please be aware there is a 13th month and a 14th month for salary. You pay an extra 13th month when the school year starts (September) and then a 14th month as a bonus during the holiday season (December). Gardener comes 3 times a week for $150/month. We have a very small yard. Yes I pay more, but I also don't have to micromanage my staff. So, my clothes get laundered correctly, don't come back shrunken with holes, my produce gets bleached, and kitchen get's cleaned up to American standards, my plants outside don't die, and the yard stays tidy. This all happens with me not having to do much, if anything, at all. Which I like after coming home from a long day at work. - Sep 2011

Rampant unemployment makes for a large available workforce. Costs are about $100 per month for a maid who comes 2-3 times per week. Extensive training will be absolutely required since most Haitians looking for work as cleaners do not have a solid understanding of the American definition of "clean."Gardenders come at a slightly higher rate than maids. The best solution for someone looking for domestic staff would be one person who does it all at about $150-$200 per month depending on experience, ability, etc. - Jan 2011

Through people in need partnership, what we do is set up a health for each person who is the partner to someone in the world, and each month they can seek medical help paid for up to $30.00. - Jan 2010

About US$10/day for someone not working full-time would be a good rate. - May 2009

Available but spotty in quality so you may go through a couple to get one that's average. Expats pay US$200-250 per month average. Most speak no English. - Feb 2009

Very affordable and excellent! - Dec 2008

Available and affordable but slooooooooooow and/or lazy. - Feb 2008

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