Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

I kept my T-mobile plan because I travel back to the US a lot. Plus T-mobile data works in Haiti. You can get by with your Embassy phone and every house in the compound has a land line that calls to the US for free. - Aug 2019

I could not speak to roaming costs for foreign phones but would recommend a local provider. - Jun 2019

Local providers are easy and cheap. If you bring an unlocked phone you can get a SIM at the AEA and pay for minutes/data online. - Apr 2017

Digicel. - Dec 2016

Unlocked iPhone. You can buy a local chip here and rechargable phone cards. - Sep 2014

Widely available. Do not use a nice one (iPhone) in a large, public area if you want to keep it. - Sep 2013

Cheap. Digicel & Voila (the two local cell phone companies) don't talk to each other very well. Most locals have one of each so they can reach all their friends. Post will issue you a phone you can use (direct hires only, EFM's no, so wait until you know which phone you've been given, and then run out and buy your wife/kid/significant other the same type of phone). - Sep 2011

Cell phones are relatively cheap, and coverage within Port-au-Prince is good -- thanks to the city being surrounded by high mountains with atennae on them. - Jan 2011

Leave your personal cell phone in America or Europe, and buy a pre-paid one in Haiti. They towers are different and so is the coverage. - Jan 2010

No. - May 2009

The Embassy gives employees phones but it's hit or miss whether GSO will set up your phone up properly. You can also by your own unlocked phone in the U.S. and get a chip here. - Feb 2009

You can get a local SIM card here - there is surprisingly good cellphone coverage now, thanks to Digicel. - Dec 2008

You buy them here instead of getting them free with a plan but they have cheap models. - Feb 2008

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