Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

We arent allowed to use any transport outside of POV and motorpool. - Aug 2019

They are reportedly quite affordable but safety is a much bigger question. - Jun 2019

No. There are public transportation restrictions, but you wouldn't want to take it anyway. - Aug 2018

We are not allowed to use local public transportation or taxis. - Apr 2017

No taxi or buses available. "Tap-Taps" are what the locals use. - Dec 2016

All forbidden for us. - Sep 2014

No trains. We cannot take tap taps (trucks used as taxis) or motorcycle taxis - not safe, though they may be affordable. You really need a car here. Some people hire a driver too, as they do not want to deal with Haitian roads or Haitian traffic. - Sep 2013

Prohibited by RSO. And no, definitely not safe. For those of you non-Embassy folks, there is questionable maintenance performed on Taptaps, which lead to auto accidents, and sometimes death. - Sep 2011

The tap-taps are omnipresent but are not safe. Muggings are very frequent inside the tap-taps and it is, therefore, not advisable to use them. No other public transportation is available. - Jan 2011

The local bus or taxis that are called Tap-taps. n my blog, I have a picture of one. Many people fit into them, and they drop off at different locations and some even in the mountains. - Jan 2010

Well, all of us especially lucky and priviledged folk associated with the grand US Government aren't allowed to take these. They're affordable enough, but really uncomfortable and pretty dangerous, simply because of bad traffic and bad driving. - May 2009

No. Yes. - Feb 2009

No, but affordable. - Dec 2008

No and yes. - Feb 2008

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