Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yes if you are outside the Embassy community. We are not allowed to walk anywhere, so driving everywhere probably solves many disability issues. Most houses have multiple floors, but there are some that are 1 story in the compound. - Aug 2019

I would imagine so, as infrastructure is spotty at best. - Jun 2019

Yes. No sidewalks. When there are sidewalks, they have huge ditches. Very few buildings have elevators. - Aug 2018

Yes, many. - Dec 2016

Yes!!! This city is not wheelchair accessible at all and the roads are mostly unpaved and uneven. You will be severely limited here. - Sep 2014

It would be difficult to be here with a disability, e.g. in a wheelchair. - Sep 2013

No sidewalks, unpaved/bumpy roads, the paved roads have quickly forming pot-holes. Very few elevators. NOT wheelchair assessable. - Sep 2011

This is a very difficult city for someone with disabilities to navigate. This is a very difficult city for even a fully-abled person to navigate! There are no accommodations made for differently-abled persons, and the lack of any kind of infrastructure -- along with mountains of rubble and trash, occasional flooding, pollution, the heat and the crowding -- can make Port-au-Prince very difficult for anyone to manage. - Jan 2011

Number 1, there are little to know street signs. There are numerous pedestrians with no legs because it was ran over and they have no set speeding limit. Each man for their own. It is the craziest to walk , drive or walk in. - Jan 2010

Oh, a lot and too many to list. - May 2009

Too many to list? - Feb 2009

A lot, the infrastructure is pretty bad. - Dec 2008

Many, many. - Feb 2008

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