Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Not for families. Couples could do okay if the spouse can find something to do all day. If you are doing an unaccompanied tour that brings its own challenges. Singles are very isolated with VERY limited prospects outside the Embassy community. - Aug 2019

I am not sure it is any less challenging for any of these categories. Any of the above will have to work to find their fun and things they enjoy, and will face challenges in enjoying them. - Jun 2019

No. I think it is a difficult city for all people. Singles: dating here is a formal process, and resembles more courtship than casual. Childless couples: it'll be good if the other can find work, otherwise it puts pressure on the relationship. Families: families historically have enjoyed PaP as a Post but with the increase in violence and danger (as recognized by State with a bump in Danger Pay) it causes some families to reconsider. - Aug 2018

There is good variety of social activities that seem to work for everyone. It is possible, but not easy to date. - Apr 2017

Most people can find something to do here. Go to the beach, go hiking, - Dec 2016

Couples yes. Singles who love Haitians, yes. Families with small kids are ok too. I wouldn't advise for families with primary school aged kids, but it's not horrible. No way in hell for someone with teenagers. Single women probably have the biggest challenge. - Sep 2014

I would not want to be single here. There are not a lot of options for things to do as you would have in a developed country, so it really heps to have a spouse or partner to share your time with. - Sep 2013

Families fare better here, because you have a built-in support structure at home. Of course, some families fare worse, because the spouse often goes stir crazy and wants out. (Out of the country that is...) - Sep 2011

This is a good city for singles and couples. A single person will have a lot of flexibility and be able to take advantage of the different social options available. A couple will have each other to rely on and help each other out which can be hugely important here. This is not a good or safe place for children. - Jan 2011

no. I told some American's that I ran into that where there helping , I feel that they should get the people out of Cite Soleil and clean it up for people to live in. - Jan 2010

Well, it can be a bit lonely for a single person, with not a lot of places to go to or things to do...very much so. But it is good enough, if you have the strength to get out and battle driving and traffic and finding hard to find places. - May 2009

This is not a good city for families. There is little to do in PaP itself except entertain at home or go to restaurants. There is more to do for singles as ther are a lot of singles here and there is a club scene. - Feb 2009

For everyone! Very family-oriented culture but lots of singles there too. - Dec 2008

No/No/No. - Feb 2008

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