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What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

QSI is the only one I had experience with and found it mediocre. I heard it's not good academically for older kids. - Jan 2022

QSI is the school of choice for Embassy folks, there is also a French school and another Cambridge International tiny school. QSI K-6 are probably ok. Anything after 6th grade - I would discourage anyone from considering. QSl is small, 110 students, with very limited resources. We were very disappointed with the school options. - Aug 2021

QSI is the main school for expats. It is a very small school with about 130 kids PK -12. There is a new director this year and hopes are high. The elementary school is quite good. There have been complaints about middle school and high school because classes are small and socially there isn't much of a choice. Having said that - the kids all got into good colleges, and they are a tight-knit group. For families with kids younger than middle school - it is certainly a good enough school. For families with older kids - you will need to investigate based on your child's needs. Selection of sports and activities are definitely lacking compared to a bigger school, on the other hand there is a lot of individual attention because classes are so small. There is a French school, which is not considered very good. Russian schools too are not great. There is one Russian school run by the Russian government and students need permission from the Russian Ambassador to attend there. Those who attend are quite pleased. - Oct 2014

Quality School International (QSI). The building is brand new, very solid structure, adjacent to one of the housing clusters. It is better for children in lower grades. Children in higher grades, especially high school, have a more difficult time as there are few social outlets. Not a lot of extracurricular after-school activities. However, overall, it is a good school with good teachers. - Sep 2011

The main international school is Quality Schools International Yerevan (QSI) (, attended by children of Embassy staff, other diplomats and ex-pats. Our experience with it has been pretty good, though our sons were in kindergarten and first grade. Total enrollment is about 70 students. - Oct 2009

My children were too young for QSI (, the only real Western show in town. My impression is that several Embassy families homeschool their children. I understand the school generally gets passing marks for the younger grades, but students and support tends to peter out by those of junior high school age. QSI is currently in the process of breaking ground and building a new facility; I understand the current facility shares space with a furniture factory. Embassy Yerevan is fast becoming a family-friendly Post and should continue to see a proliferation younger children--whether QSI will see a rise in its student population is an open question--most locals are priced out, the international community is shrinking, and USG personnel elect to home school. - Jul 2008

There is a QSI. For the younger grades it seems adequate but folks with older kids send them off to boarding schools or don't take posts here. - Jan 2008


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