Yerevan - Post Report Question and Answers

What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

Tsaghkadzor in the winter. Dillijan in the fall or spring. Hiking Mt. Aragats. - Jan 2022

A few days trips here and there. Not a whole lot. - Aug 2021

The ancient monasteries are very interesting and scenic. Outside of Yerevan it is beautiful with a lot of hiking and camping opportunities. Pre-COVID, you could easily drive to Tbilisi in about five hours and spend a long weekend in Georgia. The Georgian border is the only open border for Americans (Azerbaijan and Turkey are closed and Americans can't go to Iran). - May 2021

See Tatev, especially the tramway. It's a bit of a journey but worth the four-hour drive. For a hidden gem search out the largest medieval castle in the Caucasus, Dashtadem Fortress. It's not listed in most guidebooks and there is no charge to go inside. It's huge by comparison to most other places in the country - Mar 2017

Visiting with people. Hiking. - Oct 2014

Traveling to the south and north of Armenia to visit ancient monasteries, taking a ride on the world's longest aeriel tramway across a stunning landscape. - Sep 2011


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