Yerevan - Post Report Question and Answers

What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

You can get food, and really anything else like items from the pharmacy, pet food, etc, delivered for very cheap. Local food is tasty but monotonous. Lots of grilled meat, lavash (flat long bread), salad and yogurt. There was one decent but not great Thai place and a good Indian place. A nice steak and seafood restaurant. You can have a good meal with wine for significantly less than it would cost in the U.S. Decent wine is plentiful and inexpensive. There are some good Russian vodkas that are inexpensive here like Beluga. - Jan 2022

Most say there are good restaurants. We are foodies and we did not like what most considered good. We have a handful of restaurants we go to that are consistent, all are Armenian cuisine. All other restaurants serving international cuisine were a letdown. There are a couple of food delivery services, some folks consistently use them with varying degrees of success. We find that the language barrier and the delivery wait time are not to be worth it, so we cook a lot. - Aug 2021

There is food delivery here that a lot of people use. The commissary can arrange delivery to the embassy during the workday, which is convenient. The restaurant scene was really starting to blossom, but then COVID hit so things have kind of stagnated. There is obviously Armenian restaurants (get your fill of grilled meats!), Indian, a couple of Asian restaurants, two craft beer places, Italian, etc. There are no McDonald's or Starbucks in Armenia. There is Burger King, but it often does not have beef so no burgers there. There is also KFC. - May 2021 is a great delivery service that has food to you in under an hour, sometimes less, for less than 1 USD in delivery charges. They offer delivery from most restaurants and some other businesses. You can use either the website or their phone app to order - Mar 2017

KFC. Many restaurants, serving mostly Armenian, Georgian and Syrian/Lebanese food. Prices are very reasonable - we often have reverse sticker shock. If you spend $25,000AMD for three people, including some wine - it is on the expensive side. International cuisine is also available - but it is more expensive and in my opinion is not as good as local cuisine. On the whole though, food is fresh, made from scratch (including french fries!) and delicious. - Oct 2014

Not a lot of fast food options here. There is a KFC and Pizza Hut, I've heard they're pretty good. There's no McDonald's here, the closest is in Tbilisi. You can find pizza in just about any restaurant. Dining out is cheap, you won't spend more than $10 per person. Some really delicious Armenian restaurants that serve great kabob, shashlik, and dolma. - Sep 2011

No U.S. fast food franchises, but plenty of excellent restaurants. Most restaurants are quite affordable, though there are a few high-end establishments. - Oct 2009

There is little to no Western-style fast food in Yerevan. The only game in town in fast food is chicken, with Southern Fried Chicken and the newly opened Rostoks (Russian KFC) on the market. If you want McDonalds, it is a 5 hour trip to Tbilisi. There are generally a couple of decent places to eat within the major ethnic culinary areas. Chinese places are very much hit or miss (and open and close) but we enjoy Beijing. There are more decent options available in Italian food--with Ankuhl, The Club (good pizza), and La Cucina at the Marriott among others solid selections. A sushi place opened recently near the Opera. Expect to pay U.S. prices for a decent meal--usually $15-30 per. The restaurant scene has improved dramatically over the last several years. - Jul 2008

KFC just arrived but there are lots of decent restuarants including a burger joint (City Diner) right out of middle America with the best burgers and fries you've ever had! Otherwise there are restaurants of a wide variety of cuisines - many very good, some high end (pricey)... you will never starve in Yerevan! - Jan 2008


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