Yerevan - Post Report Question and Answers

Are qualified veterinarians and/or good kennel services available? Do animals need to be quarantined upon entry to the country? Are there other considerations regarding pets that are particular to this country?

We used an English-speaking veterinarian who was very kind and knowledgeable. However, expect vet care to be far below the quality in the US. They do not have the equipment for more advanced testing and treatments. Prices for vet care and medications are lower than U.S. prices. You can get okay dog food there but I would order through the pouch if you have that option. I never used a kennel but other employees or the household staff were always willing to care for pets as needed. - Jan 2022

There is no quarantine, importing pets is pretty straightforward, as always, expensive and a headache for owners and pets. There are vets, but only one who speaks English. Routine immunizations are fine, but for anything more serious – I would not trust the local care. Stray dogs and cats are everywhere. - Aug 2021

There is one vet that everyone uses, Dr. Razmik. He is in practice with his father and his mother is the groomer. Razmik speaks English and his parents only speak Russian and Armenian. He can do a lot, but more complicated issues are beyond his scope. We have an elderly dog with advanced health issues and I have not been satisfied with the care she has received. On the other hand, he saved our other dog's life by diagnosing an intestinal issue and performing emergency surgery. Vet costs are very reasonable and I am sure to have sticker shock when I return to the States. It is pretty easy to get pets into Armenia with the basic health cert and no quarantine is required. One issue here is the amount of stray dogs that can pose a risk to your pet. One embassy dog died as a result of an attack by a dog pack. When hiking you have to be aware of the Gomper guard dogs who can be pretty vicious. Yerevan is starting to sterilize and release the dogs back into the city, which hopefully will help put a dent in the stray dog population. If you want to adopt a street dog, you will have plenty from which to choose. - May 2021

Vets locally are not bad, but not great. Same with kennel services, which are mostly offered by the same vets.

I'm not aware that animals need quarantine, but I got my dog locally after arriving (a rescue). You should be aware that people don't treat their dogs particularly well here. Also, dogs sometimes roam the streets downtown either solo or in groups of 3-4. Animal control can be called and will (try to) catch them, but others appear in a few weeks at most. - Mar 2017

No - Sep 2011

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